Lecturer : Sudhir Tiwari
Dates : Sunday April 12th to Saturday April 18th 2020
Schedule : meeting at 03.00pm on Sunday 12th, 06.30am to 06.00pm Monday to Friday, 06.30am to 01.00pm on Saturday 18th – times may slightly vary if needed during the workshop
Venue : Maison Diocésaine les Tourelles, 12 Avenue de l’Yser, 62360 Condette, France
Price : 800€ teaching fee + about 50€ / day accommodation and food. Accomodation is already booked for the group, you will pay individually upon arrival.
Cancelation and conditions : half refund if canceled more than a month before the event. No refund if canceled less than a month before.

Ce stage est en anglais seulement et non traduit en français.

This workshop is in English only and not translated into French. It is part of the Kaivalyadham Pranayama TTC course and is also open to the general public. Only 10 places available so you should book quickly !


Workshop in English only | Stage en anglais seulement, pas de traduction en français

This workshop is part of the Pranayama TTC program organised by Kaivalyadhama Institute. This program contains nine workshops spread over three years. The workshop in France 12-18 April 2020 is the fourth out of nine modules. It will cover the details of various techniques related to Pranayama, practice and progression, relevant yogic texts and scientific evidence supporting the health benefits of pranayamic practices.

The exact program of the workshop will be known prior to the workshop and it will depend on the actual progression of the Pranayama TTC group at the time of the workshop.

Only a few places are open to general public. It is suitable for yoga practitioners and yoga teachers interested in Kaivalyadhama tradition and Pranayama. Note that no certificates are given to the individual participants not enrolled to the Pranayama TTC.